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Walk On By of the Midnight Sun


Basic information

D.o.B.: *12.04.2010

Height 58 cm

Weight: 25,2 kg 

Colour of coat: grey-white

Colour of eyes: brown

Breeder: OTMS, USA

Breeding license (DCNH)

breeding license for lifetime

teeth: scissor bite

show titles

American Champion


Bulgarian Champion

Ukraine Champion

Tuerkish Champion

Philipine Champion

Moldavian Champion

Azerbaitian Champion

Cypres Champion

Georgian Champion

"Rheinlandsieger 2013"

"Black Sea Winner 2012"

Austrian Veteran Champion

health checks

Hips: HD- A2

Ellbows: -

Eyes: clear (o.B.)

Gonioscopy: clear



DNA Analysis

DM negative

XL-PRA1 negative

GM1 negative


SPS1 -


Walker is a completely calm and balanced Siberian Husky male who has a composed and self-assured manner when interacting with other dogs. No matter where he was taken, whether to a restaurant, the veterinarian, or the lake, Walker was always easy to handle and very uncomplicated and low-maintenance.

He came to us at around 8 years old as a well-established senior to become our 1st stud dog. Unfortunately, he could only have one litter with us, as an abnormal testicle developed, and the sperm quality became very poor. The clinic advised us to have him neutered to prevent potential testicular cancer. Now, Walker is neutered and lives with good friends nearby, so we can visit him regularly and meet him on walks. He thoroughly enjoys his life as the only dog, lounging on his sofa and is glad to have peace away from the annoying and intrusive puppies and young dogs.

His hunting instinct is mild to moderate, and he is a very good eater, although during the heat of the females, it happened that he left his food untouched. In the picture on the top of the site and on the left he is 12,5 years old!

Walker's trademark is his light-footed, springy gait, which often catches everyone's attention. This is not without reason - Walker has correct proportions and good balance combined with almost ideal anatomy. This is further supported by the many champion titles he has won in various countries around the world.

He regularly ran with the bike until he was about 10.5 years old and did so with great joy. His greatest passion is going for walks. When a leash or harness is picked up, he gets very excited and can't wait to start.

Despite having experienced a lot in his life, he was always open and friendly to everyone and everything. Born in the USA, at the well-established "of the Midnight Sun" kennel by Janis Church Stadler since 1960, he spent his first 1.5 years there. He was then sold to Ireland, where he spent the next 3 years as a stud dog and show dog, traveling to various countries. When the owner gave him up, he came to Germany at around 4 years old, and I took over him at around 8 years old to give him a great, peaceful life, which he thoroughly enjoys.

Fortunately, we still have good frozen semen from Walker. If interested, please contact us via the contact form or through Facebook/WhatsApp.

Die Entwicklung von Walker

Walker 9 months old


Walker about 3,5 years old


Walker about 4-5 yo

Walker 9 yo

The parents of Walker

melrose walk the line2.jpg
melrose walk the line..jpg


Melrose Walk the Line


Multi Best In (Speciality) Show

American Silver Grand Champion



eyes clear

Country of origin: USA

Breeder: Melrose

whisper of the midnight sun.jpg


Whisper of the Midnight Sun




eyes clear

Country of origin: USA

Breeder: Janis Church Stadler

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