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Royalsans guardian of hearts


basic Information

D.o.B.: *26.06.2021

Height: 60 cm

Weight: 24,0 kg 

Colour of coat: silver-white

Colour of eyes: brown

breeding license (DCNH)

Another DNA profile available

Breeding license for one litter in Germany

Teeth: scissor bite, missing P1s and down left P2

show Titles

Austrian Junior Champion

1x BOS

"Jugend-Alpensieger 2022"

other titles

runs in wheel in our team

Health checks

Hips: HD- A1

Ellbows: -

Eyes: clear, two inner eyelashes

Gonioscopy: clear


DNA Analysis

over fullsister Sisu + dam Jules

XL-PRA1 negative

DM negative

GM1 negative

SHPN1 in Bearbeitung

SPS1 in Bearbeitung

thumbnail (3)_edited.jpg

Ragnar was born in our G-litter and, along with his sister Sisu, is a valuable member of our pack and sled dog team. He comes from our second generation of Royalsans Siberian Huskies.

His mother, Jules, was also born with us and is from the B-litter. Ragnar comes from a litter that holds a special place in my heart. The puppies were all incredibly adorable, intelligent, with a strong will to please and curiosity. It was incredibly tough to choose a male from the litter as all the boys displayed outstanding qualities and looked very similar. However, Ragnar had that extra special something right from the start and a "look-at-me-factor." I still remember the moment when the litter was outside in the garden for the first time, and Ragnar strutted around like a king – balanced with an attitude that was unmatched. I love that aura about him, and he has not lost it to this day.

Ragnar is an impressive male, bordering on the upper size limit of the standard. He is the strongest and most hardworking sled dog we've ever had. He always gives 100% and can pull you up the mountain all by himself when needed. That's why he runs in the wheel position, as he has tremendous power like his father.

He is always dependable, whether in the show ring, during sled work, or at canine physiotherapy seminars. When I have Ragnar with me, he always draws admiration. No one believes that he is a purebred young Siberian Husky male going through adolescence, full of energy, as he remains completely relaxed next to me throughout the seminar, even when all the other dogs are barking, growling, and running around.

Ragnar has very little hunting instinct, is always responsive and recallable, easily guided through body language, and loves to be involved in activities. Compared to other Huskies, he is more introverted, which makes him a perfect companion and therapy dog for an experienced handler.

Physically, Ragnar is the epitome of a sled dog. His size, well-knuckled paws, long legs, and thick, dense coat with slightly longer silver guard hairs give him a distinctive arctic and slightly wolf-like appearance. Like his sister, he possesses beautiful facial features, almond-shaped eyes, closely set ears, and strong pigment.

A pronounced forechest and correctly angled front harmonize well with the sloping croup and powerful thighs, providing him with excellent pulling power. The sufficiently deep and long, smoothly rising rib cage provides ample space for the functioning of the heart and lungs during endurance work.

Ragnar is a good and contented eater, though during the standing heat of female dogs, he may occasionally not finish his meal. His brother Gunnar (whose adventures can be found under worldsofgunnar on Instagram) passed the companion dog test before turning two years old. Another one of his brothers can run off-leash, and Freebiking poses no problem for him.

The development of Ragnar


Ragnar 8 weeks old


Ragnar 16 weeks old


Ragnar 12 weeks old


Ragnar 11 months old

The parents of Ragnar

thumbnail (1).jpg


Moonrun's Winner


Candidate for Belgian Champion

3. Platz Trans Thüringa

Finisher Polardistans

Finisher Grünnleitnock-Innerkrems



eyes clear

Country of origin: Sweden

Breeder: Josefine Ryderstedt

Jules feb 22_edited.jpg


Royalsans Be my little 



Best in Show Puppy III

2x Best Puppy



eyes clear

gonioscopy clear

Embark clear

Country of origin: Germany

Breeder: Lea Sandweger

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