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Hi ! I'm Lea !

Human physiotherapist (Professional office leader)

Canine physiotherapist (in training) according to S. Harrer

Canine osteopath (in training) according to C. Gräff

Canine and human manual therapist

IBITA Certified Bobath therapist (in training)

Canine fitness therapist (in training) according to S. Rutz

Certified physiotherapist for sport and working dogs (in training)

Certified dog breeder under §11 Animal Welfare Act (TierSchuG) in VDH (Association of German Dog Breeders)


For almost my entire life, I have been involved with breeding, functional anatomy, and biomechanics. It all started with horses, where I had the great fortune of learning from experts like Helga Rittmann (Egon von Neindorff, Paul Stecken) and Dr. Markus Aschenbrenner (vox, die Pferdeprofis), traveling to Germany's top stud farms, and regularly observing successful breeders. My initial passion for horse breeding (which still inspires me today) eventually sparked my interest and passion for breeding Siberian Huskies at around the age of 12. However, I was not allowed to do so until I reached adulthood, and it wasn't until I turned 18 that I was able to independently acquire my first Siberian Husky.

Simultaneously, through classical dressage riding, the idea of "being the movement trainer for your horse," and engaging in various sports such as fitness, flamenco dancing, skiing, running, cycling, and Pilates, I developed an interest in human training principles and therapy. Therefore, after completing my Abitur (German secondary school qualification) in 2017, I decided to pursue training as a human physiotherapist at the Ludwig Fresenius Physiotherapy private school. During this time, I got one Siberian Husky, then two, and suddenly increasing the number to three and more. I also passed the exams to become a breeder in the DCNH (Deutscher Club für Nordische Hunde - German Club for Nordic Dogs), which allowed our small breeding program to grow over the years.

I successfully completed my training as a physiotherapist in 2020 and have been working as a state-certified human physiotherapist in a rural practice, serving as the professional lead. I continue to attend further education courses in the human field, such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Kinesiology (KGG), Manual Therapy (MT), Bobath concept in Neurorehabilitation (KG-Neuro), and Taping. Working with my Siberian Huskies further sparked my interest in canine anatomy and physiotherapy. As a result, in 2022, I decided to pursue training as a canine physiotherapist under the guidance of Sabine Harrer, a renowned expert in manual therapy for dogs. This training program includes some of the best professionals in the field, such as Dr. Martin S. Fischer (Hunde in Bewegung - Dogs in Motion, leading study on canine biomechanics and locomotion), Daniel Koch (leading small animal surgeon in Switzerland), Dr. Andreas Zohmann (author of specialized books and publications), Prof. Dr. med. vet. Johann Maierl (head of the Department of Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology at the Ludwig Maximilian University), as well as physiotherapy experts like Katja Wagener, Sandra Rutz (Dogfitsports), and Susanne Ahrens. It was important for me to learn from the best, as the world of canine physiotherapy, much like the world of dog breeding, has its fair share of unscrupulous practitioners.

During my training, I developed a strong interest in the field. In addition to the countless further education courses related to dog breeding, I decided to undertake additional training in 2023. Currently, I am pursuing training as a canine osteopath under Christiane Gräff and participating in the certification course "Physiotherapy for Sport & Working Dogs" by Katja Wagener, Michaela Konrad, and Sandra Rutz.

This broad and scientific education greatly influences my dog breeding practices. Health, body structure, and character are the essence of my daily work. I have dealt with many abused, poorly bred, injured, and behaviorally challenged dogs, and I understand the consequences this has for both the dog and the owner. That's why we place great importance on the selection of our breeding dogs. Before a dog is included in our breeding program, they must impress us in all aspects. We thoroughly examine and reflect on our breeding dogs, and any dogs deemed unsuitable are placed in loving forever homes. I also place great value on continuous and well-founded education in the field of dog breeding.

Furthermore, through my work and experience, I recognize the extraordinary importance of providing comprehensive and trustworthy support to first-time dog owners or "new Husky owners" after they purchase a puppy. This helps prevent mistakes, and the puppy buyer benefits from our years of knowledge. This support extends throughout the dog's life and includes additional advantages such as free physiotherapeutic and osteopathic treatments, as well as discounts on various food and accessory brands. You can learn more about our breeding practices and how our puppies are placed by visiting our website here.

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Hi ! I'm Marcel !

Certified childcare worker

IT technician specializing in system integration (in training)

Certified dog trainer

Certified dog nutritionist

Founder & Owner of "RoyalDogs-Shop"

Developer of the RoyalDogs dog bed

Dog breeding was practically ingrained in me from an early age. My mother started breeding purebred Persian cats when she was 18 years old, and later on, my father and she added dogs to the mix (Pekingese and Newfoundland). I grew up with dogs, and they have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. We have owned various breeds, from Yorkshire Terriers and French Bulldogs to Hovawarts. My first dog, which I got from a shelter, was a Pomeranian Zwergspitz. He was confiscated at just 5 weeks old during an illegal puppy transport from Czech Republic. Through this dog, I learned what I wouldn't wish anyone to go through with a dog, a family member. From months of diarrhea, behavioral issues, constant eye infections, and ultimately an early death at the age of 4, this experience broke my heart. Thankfully, our Siberian Huskies were able to mend it.

So, together with Lea, I decided that if we were to breed dogs, it would only be done under the strictest criteria. I want to ensure that no one has to go through such a terrible experience. There are already enough dogs in the world, and if one chooses to breed, it should be for valid reasons, and the breeder should be willing to take full responsibility.

Throughout my youth, I was always involved in dog training and obedience, which led me to work as a nursery assistant and now as an aspiring dog trainer. However, I have another passion, which is PC technology. That's why I made the decision to undergo retraining in IT technology with a specialization in systems integration.

Dog training and nutritional counseling are currently just hobbies that benefit our puppy buyers, as well as acquaintances and friends. Additionally, I run an online shop where I sell my self-designed and produced dog beds, as well as dog accessories and sled dog equipment. This allows me to flourish, as I enjoy being hands-on. Feel free to visit my shop and discover my self-developed dog bed.

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