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Royalsans Dedicated to Indigo


Basic information

D.o.B.: *20.03.2020

Height 54,5 cm

Weight: 21,7 kg

Colour of coat: red & white

Colour of eyes: amber-green

Breeder: Lea Sandweger & Dr. David K. Qualls 

Owner: Lea Sandweger & Dr. David K. Qualls

Breeding license (DCNH)

Another DNA profile available

teeth: scissor bite with full set of teeth

Show titles

Best in Group-2

3x BOB 1x BOS

Champion of Albania

Champion of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Champion of Montenegro

Adria Champion

Balkan Champion

Candidate for Slowakian Champion (2/4)

Candidate for International Champion (3/4)

Candidate for Austrian Champion (1/4)

other titles


runs Lead+swing in harness

Health checks

Hips HD- A1

Ellbows: ED- 0/0

Eyes: clear (o.B.)

Gonioscopy clear



DNA Analysis

DM negative

XL-PRA1 negative

GM1 negative


SPS1 ?


Sansa is a wonderful, beautiful, large female with a strong will to please. She is always cheerful and an absolute goofball. Running around, playing, and zooming are among her favorite activities, just as she learned from her mom, Jenna.

She was born in March 2020 as the only puppy in our D-litter during the COVID-19 lockdown. So, we were able to take care of her 24/7 until she was about 9 weeks old, which she enjoyed. This created a very special bond between us, but at the same time, it was challenging to get her used to unfamiliar situations or other people because dog schools were closed for months.

She knows exactly how to charm us and occasionally get away with things. That's probably why she is the one in our pack who is most likely to test if maybe something can be done differently than what her humans say.

Like her mother, she doesn't need treats in training. Whatever you want to teach her or practice with her, Sansa does it gladly because she wants to please you. She is always highly motivated and enthusiastic. You can do anything with her, from pulling sports, agility, obedience, mantrailing, lunging, to show training. Sansa is extremely versatile, and we love that about her.

In our dog sledding team, she usually runs in the swing position next to Mia, but occasionally also in lead because Sansa moves forward well and listens very well to commands, as long as you don't put too much pressure on her.

She is always friendly and reserved with other dogs. Car rides are one of her favorite activities, as well as fetching balls (yes, a Siberian Husky can do that if she wants), swimming, and catching the water spray from the garden hose while watering.

Sansa has great proportions with an ideal forechest. She carries her tail correctly and has a beautiful coat with the correct length. The hindquarters angulation is ideal, followed by an almost perfect croup, and her tail is set below the backline, as required in the standard.

Sansa manages to impress us over and over again with her light-footed gait. She effortlessly shows single tracking and good reach & drive, but does not always show it due to her excitement.

Sansa is our sunshine, an excellent mother just like her mom, Jenna, and she passes on a great type, her will to please, and a fantastic forechest, combined with her versatile disposition.

The development of Sansa


Sansa with 5 months


Sansa 1,5 years old without coat

Sansa 9 .jpg

Sansa 7,5 months old

thumbnail (6)_edited.jpg

Sansa 2 years old

The parents of Sansa

thumbnail (7).jpg


Indigo's Isaac


+ 2012

American Grand Champion



eyes clear

Country of origin: USA

Breeder: Dr. David K. Qualls

Jenna Stack neu_edited.jpg


Dorati Siberians

Come On Everybody


Austrian Junior Champion

Candidate to Austrian Champion




eyes clear

Country of origin: Russia

Breeder: Lyubov Khoffmanns

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