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Royalsans Empire of the Night

Royalsans 1_edited.jpg

basic informationen

D.o.B.: *29.09.2020

Height: 58,0 cm

Weight: ca 25,5 kg

Colour of coat: black & white

Colour of eyes: brown

breeding license (DCNH)

another DNA profile available

breeding license for a lifetime

teeth: scissor bite with full set of teeth


Austrian Junior Champion​

1x BOS

"Alpensieger 2022"

Candidate for Austrian Champion

Candidate for International Champion

other titles


Health checks

Hips: HD- A2

Ellbows: -

Eyes: clear (o.B.)

Gonioscopy: clear



DNA Analysis

DM negative

XL-PRA1 negative

GM1 negative



SPS1 -

thumbnail (3)_edited.jpg

Milo does not live with us but with his owners Melanie and Christian. Many thanks to both of them for allowing us to use Milo for our breeding program.

Milo is an impressive Siberian Husky male who knows what he wants. He regularly accompanies his owners on difficult and challenging mountain hikes with his mother Brave. This speaks to his exceptional balance, endurance, and cooperativeness, as both humans and animals must be careful about their footing while ascending steep rock walls.

Most notably, his courage and fearlessness are remarkable because it is not common for a leashed dog to tackle such terrain.

He has a beautiful silhouette, as well as an expressive gaze and warm, intense, golden-marbled eyes.

One especially positive feature is his ideal leg length in proportion to the depth of the chest and the correctly angled front with good forechest. All three balance lines are correct, making him very well-balanced overall, which is evident in his movement. Milo also displays effortless single-tracking, good reach, and drive with stable, well-knuckled paws – the foundation for any dog and essential for the work of a sled dog, as well as for our household pets (good paws are less prone to arthritis and instabilities).

Overall, Milo is a very versatile dog; besides hiking, he also enjoys running with the bicycle and practicing obedience.

We are very happy and grateful that we were able to have this special litter, and Milo has developed into such a beautiful representative of the breed. It's worth mentioning that this lineage tends to develop very slowly, and most dogs are not fully mature until between 3 and 4 years of age. Dogs from this line are often somewhat lanky and unremarkable before the age of 2, but on the upside, they tend to look youthful for a very long time.

The development of Milo

thumbnail (1).jpg

Milo about 8 weeks


Milo 16 months


Milo 11 months old


Milo 18 months

The parents of Milo

Brave _edited_edited.jpg


Innisfree's Ice-T


+ 2012

Multi Best In (Speciality) Show

American Champion

Canadian Champion

Asian Champion

Finnland Champion

International Champion


eyes clear

Country of origin: USA

Breeder: Kathleen Kanzler


Northkenda Snow Storm


Candidate to German Champion


eyes clear

Gonioscopy clear

Country of origin: Chile

Breeder: Octavio Valdivia

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