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Night returns over royalsans anrus house 


basic information

D.o.B.: *10.08.2022

Height 53 cm 

Weight: 20,2 kg

Colour of coat: agouti

Colour of eyes: blue

breeding license (DCNH)

too young

teeth: scissor bite, P1 down right is missing

show titles

Very promising-2

other titles

noch keine

health checks

Hips: too young

Ellbows: too young

Eyes: too young

Gonioscopy: too young


DNA Analysis

XL-PRA1 negative

DM negative

GM1 negative

SHPN1 waiting for results

SPS1 waiting for results


Alaska is a magnificent, striking, and composed Siberian Husky female. Most people notice her due to her unique coloring combined with incredibly blue eyes, but that's just the icing on the cake of what makes her special. According to Embark DNA test she is homozygot for her colour, means she can only have dark puppies.

In terms of character, she is simply fantastic – calm and even lazy in the house and within the pack. She gets along well with other dogs, regardless of their size, loves car rides, eats slowly and joyfully without any refusal. Additionally, she is intelligent, making it easy to teach her new things. Her high frustration tolerance is a notable trait.

Aside from her outstanding character, her anatomy is impressive as well. She has closed paws, thick pads, a perfect topline, and a type that resembles a picture-perfect Husky. The forechest and well-ribbed brisket flow harmoniously into the loin and ideally angled croup. Her leg length is ideal in proportion to the depth of the chest and body length.

All these attributes indicate that she is becoming a very special sled dog. We are looking forward to her first season.

Her father is a successful sled dog in Russia, excelling in middle-distance races, capable of running all positions. Her mother is a calm household dog who can even run outdoors without a leash.

Alaska doesn't howl or bark, even when all the others are making a concert.

However, there's a bit of a diva in her – she can get quickly offended and sometimes hold a grudge. She likes to go to her bed and sulk for a while. Overall, she is also very independent and only seeks affection when it suits her Madame's mood.

She has a moderate to significant hunting instinct, which can be well controlled.

She loves to play with other dogs and is very energetic and extroverted while never being dominant or cheeky.

For the winter of 2023, health examinations are scheduled for her, including HD with PennHIP, ED, eyes, gonioscopy, SHPN1, SPS1 and in addition, an examination of the urethra and spinal X-ray, heart ultrasound, and a test for patellar luxation.

The development ofAlaska


Alaska 7,5 weeks old


Alaska 5 months old


Alaska 12 weeks old


Alaska 9 months old

The parents of Alaska



Silver Trail Myth of the Moon


Belarus Junior Champion

Working Certificate

Winner of sprint and MD races




eyes clear

Country of origin: Russland

Breeder: Marisa Petropavlovskay



Rogneda Anrus House


Belarus Junior Champion

eyes clear

Country of origin: Belarus

Breeder: Nastya Marchenko

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