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Basic information

D.o.B.: *14.09.2020

Height:   50,5cm

Weight: 18 kg

Colour of coat: lightred-white

Colour of eyes: amber

Breeder: Innirvana, China

Owner: Lea Sandweger

Breeding license

in progress

Teeth: Scissor bite

health checks

Hips: HD- in progress

Ellbows: ED- in progress

Eyes: in progress

Gonioscopy: in progress


DNA Analyse

XL-PRA1 in progress

DM in progress

GM1 in progress

SHPN1 in progress

SPS1 in progress


Abby is a wonderful addition to our pack; she joined us in early 2023. With her charisma and calmness, she captivates everyone around her.

Abby stands out with her light-footed gait, combined with her beautiful face and good proportions.

Her light red fur shines as beautifully orange as a summer sunset, and her amber eyes glow expressively with an intelligent gaze.

She displays single-tracking and effortlessly glides around in free movement. Her closely spaced ears, almond-shaped eyes, and correct head proportions give her the typical Siberian Husky appearance - gorgeous and slightly mischievous.

She is very affectionate and gentle; within the pack, she is dominant but never unfair or confrontational.

She has a moderate to high hunting instinct, which means off-leash running is not possible for her, but this is typical of the breed.

Abby loves her food and never leaves anything behind.

She enjoys splashing in the water and seizes every opportunity to cool off.

She also loves extended walks and occasionally indulges in a playful round with the others. Otherwise, she enjoys doing her own thing.

Abby has not been harnessed yet, so we are excited for her first sled dog sports season in 2023/2024.

She comes from a pure show line, although, for example, her great-grandfather has completed the Iditarod multiple times as a lead dog. It proves that not only working lines can perform the original breed-specific job they were bred for - a well-proportioned Siberian Husky with the right attitude can also participate in the Iditarod as a show line and be a persistent, tough sled dog. Here is a video of Abby's great-grandfather.

The development of Abby


Abby about 1,5 years old without coat

Abby about 2 years old

The parents of Abby



Articpride Majestic Wolf



eyes clear

Country of origin: Australia

Breeder: Bobby Lee-Loyd


Innirvana Foxy



eyes clear

Country of origin: China

Breeder: Lin Mao

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