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D.o.B.: *16.11.2022

Height: will finish about 58cm

weight: will finish about 25kg

Colour of coat: black & white

Colour of eyes: brown

breeding license (DCNH)

too young

Teeth: scissor bite with full set of teeth

show Titles

3x very promising

2x BOB Puppy

other titles

none until now

Health checks

Hips: too young

Ellbows: too young

Eyes: too young

Gonioscopy: too young


DNA Analysis

clear by parentage

XL-PRA1 negative

DM in negative

GM1 negative

SHPN1 in progress

SPS1 in progress


Arès is a funny, communicative Siberian Husky male with a great sense of humor. He loves to chat and give you a "side-eye," especially when he doesn't get what he wants, like stroking.

Arès adds a lot of joy to our daily life; he gets along well with all dogs, neither dominant nor fearful, and he's open and friendly to everything.

He impressed us from the very beginning. Since he was a little puppy, he has been able to captivate even people who have little or no experience with dogs.

We often hear comments about how light and effortless he appears when running, almost as if he's floating.

This is one of his outstanding features; Arès has an extremely light footed and balanced gait, quickly and effortlessly shows single-tracking. From a physiotherapeutic and biomechanical perspective, he uses physiological energy-saving methods perfectly (e.g., mass-spring model), which suggests that he could become an enduring sled dog in the future.

Eating is his favorite activity – he loves food, and accordingly, a meal doesn't stay untouched for even a minute.

Arès is very easy to train. Besides show training and general basic obedience commands like loose leash walking, sit, down, wait before his food bowl, and paw shaking, we have also started some basic medical training exercises, and he already masters the down position very well. Currently, he is still in a strong growth phase, but he already displays nearly ideal anatomical qualities. Particularly noteworthy is his well-angled front with a clearly projected manubrium sterni (breastbone), and the well-positioned humerus (upper arm) has the same length as the scapula (shoulder blade), giving him a nicely rounded forechest. He has a beautiful topline that flows into a correctly carried trailing tail. His body proportions are also positive; his legs are longer than the depth of his chest and slightly longer than his height. We are excited to see how this young dog will continue to develop with us.

He loves car rides and splashing or playing with water. He has accompanied me to physiotherapy seminars since the age of 6 months. There, he always remains calm, easy to handle, with very good proprioceptive abilities, exceptional balance, endurance, openness, and curiosity. We still need to work on impulse control and frustration tolerance, but it's natural for us humans too – in youthful exuberance, we can be a bit impatient. ;)

Like his father Milo and his grandmother Jenna, he develops very slowly and will be fully developed around 3-4 years old. This may make him seem unspectacular as a youngster, but he will age beautifully and look youthful for a long time.

The Development of Arès


Arès 8 weeks old


Arès ca 12 weeks old

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Arès ca 4,5 months old

The parents of Arès

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Royalsans 1_edited.jpg



Empire of the Night


Austrian Junior Champion




eyes clear

Gonioscopy clear

Country of origin: Germany

Breeder: Lea Sandweger



Royalsans Dedicated to Indigo


Bosnia Champion

Montenegro Champion

Albania Champion

Adria Champion

Balkan Champion




eyes cleargonioscopy clear

embark DNA clear

Country of origin: Germany

Breeder:  Lea Sandweger 

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