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Royalsans Be My little Princess

JulesFeb22 Kopie_edited.jpg

basic information

D.o.B.: *08.05.2019

Height: 51 cm

Weight: 19,8 kg

Colour of coat: grey & white

Colour of eyes: brown

Breeding license (DCNH)

Another DNA profile available

breeding license until 8yo

teeth: scissor bite, P1 is missing

Show titles

2x Best Puppy of Breed

Best In Show Puppy III

Candidate for Austrian Champion

other titles


Health cecks

Hips: HD- A1

Ellbows: ED- 0/0

Eyes: clear 

Gonioscopy: clear



DNA Analysis

DM negative

XL-PRA1 negative

GM1 negative


SPS1 -


Jules is a Siberian Husky female with a heart of gold. With her glowing brown-golden eyes, she seems to look directly into one's soul, just like her mother Arwen.

Always balanced and composed within our pack, she earned much respect and appreciation from the other dogs.

Like her mother Arwen and her aunt Brave, she is also very easy to feed and requires only about 400g of raw food per day, making her an ideal sled dog. In the team, she always showed motivation and a desire to run, performing well in all positions.

She possesses excellent impulse control and frustration tolerance, with a moderate hunting instinct, but she can be easily called and approached at any time.

Jules has wonderfully angled front and rear legs, a beautiful expression, and good paws. Thanks to her lovely anatomy, we achieved Junior Best In Show III in December 2019, only her second show ever. I will never forget that day with her.

The only thing that could be improved is slightly more leg length, although it is still quite moderate. This was one of the reasons why we selected Moonrun's Winner for a litter with her (G & H litters), as she couldn't keep up with the step and stride length of the others in the team due to her size and leg length.

Leg length is essential for a working sled dog in the snow, as it can save the lives of dogs and mushers in deep snow. A dog with legs too short, like Jules, would get stuck in the deep snow.

However, this was her only weakness - she has excellent gait with single tracking and perfect reach and drive, the best character ever, and perfect proportions.

Jules is a very uncomplicated female, always gentle, and can be taken anywhere. A faithful companion in all life situations. If I had had the time, I would have trained her as a therapy and service dog.

However, her son Gunnar is now a certified service dog.

She has average hunting instinct for the breed, but it is well manageable.

Besides mushing, hiking is one of her favorite activities, as well as, of course, eating. Jules would never leave a bowl full.

The development of Jules

Jules, 9 weeks

Jules 7 Monate_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Jules, 7 months winning BIS Puppy III

jules stack.jpg

Jules, 6 months


Jules, 2 years old

The parents of Jules



Icily's Magic Frost


Montenegro Youth Champion

Montenegro Champion

Montenegro Grand Champion

Balkan Champion




eyes clear

Country of origin: Montenegro

Breeder: Sanja Vretenicic



Northkenda Princess Arwen


RKF Champion

Austrian Champion



eyes clear

Country of origin: Chile

Breeder: Octavio Valdivia

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