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Dorati Siberians Come On Everybody 

Jenna Stack neu.jpg

basic information

D.o.B.: *27.01.2017

Height: 54 cm

Weight: 21,6 kg

Colour of coat:  grey-white

Colour of eyes: brown

breeding license (DCNH)

Another DNA profile available

Breeding license until 8 yo

Teeth: Scissor bite, P2 down right is missing

Show titles

Austrian Junior Champion

3x Junior BOB

Candidate for Austrian Champion

other titles


runs in lead

health checks

Hips: HD- A1

Ellbows: -

Eyes: clear (o.B.) Mild fat accumulation on the right side.

Gonioscopy clear

Spine clear

DNA Analyse

over daughter Sansas results

XL-PRA1 negative

DM negative

GM1 negative


SPS1 -


Jenna is an incredibly lovable, playful, and energetic Siberian Husky female. She enjoys zooming across the meadows with her hindquarters tucked in and absolutely loves to play.

She is pleasantly sensitive to commands and eagerly obeys them immediately. With her immense will to please, training her requires hardly any treats.

Due to her strong desire to please, she is very versatile. Jenna excels in activities such as sledding, agility, obedience, show training, retrieving, and swimming. In sledding, she runs wonderfully alone, in pairs, or as part of a large team. We often used her in the lead position because she is easily guided, moves forward well, and reliably follows commands.

Physically, it took her a long time to fully mature (around 3.5 years, as seen in the photo above), and one could almost say that the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan. At a younger age, around nine months old, a friend even suggested selling her because she didn't look very appealing—she had minimal angulation, big ears, and was quite slim with nearly no forechest.

As an adult, Jenna now has impressive, breed-standard proportions that are evident in her movement. Effortless single tracking and a steady lope in the team come naturally to her. What sets Jenna apart is her flawless silhouette and elegant expression. She has the ability to stand tall and observe everything with interest.

Jenna is a good eater and, since her first year of life, she has never left any food behind, except during her pregnancy and when she was a young dog.

She was an exceptionally caring and instinctive mother, excelling in every aspect from the very beginning. Nurturing, cleaning, nursing, teaching, and playing—all came naturally to Jenna. She was born to be a mother, and she has passed on this instinctive trait to her daughter, Sansa. Instinctive females that enjoy motherhood and prioritize cleanliness in the whelping box are of particular importance to me.

Jenna's hunting drive is average for a Siberian Husky, which makes her easily controllable on walks but not suitable for off-leash activities.

Jenna lives with a neutered male Siberian Husky near Ingolstadt, where she enjoys her retirement and occasionally participates in recreational trike and bike runs.

The development of Jenna


Jenna, 10 weeks old

Jenna, 4,5 months old 

Jenna, 11 months old 


Jenna, 2,5 years old

The parents of Jenna

Desert Eagle.jpg


Dorati Siberians Desert Eagle


Russian Champion

Grand Russion Champion

Champion Of National Breed Club




eyes clear

Country of origin: Russia

Breeder: Lyubov Khoffmanns

Jennas mama.jpg


Indigo's Inglish Muffin


Eurasia Champion 

Russian Champion

Grand Russian Champion

Champion of RKF

Champion Of National Breed Club Club Winner




eyes clear

Country of origin: USA

Breeder: Dr. David K. Qualls

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