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basic information

D.o.B.: *27.01.2017

Height 59,5cm

Weight: 27,4 kg 

Colour of coat: black & white

Colour of eyes: brown

Breeding license (DCNH)

Another DNA profile available

Breeding license for a lifetime

teeth: scissor bite with a full set of teeth

Show titles:

Latvian Junior Champion 

Belarus Junior Champion

Candidate to Austrian Champion

Candidate for International Champion

other titles:


Flash runs in wheel and team in our small team

health checks

Hips: HD- A

Ellbows ED-0/0

Eyes: clear (o.B.) 

Gonioscopy: clear


DNA Analysis

XL-PRA1 negativ

DM negativ

GM1 negativ


SPS1 -


Flash is an always extremely friendly, open, and affectionate Siberian Husky male.

He is the full brother of our Jenna, who is the mother of Sansa.

Everyone who visits us is delighted by him and his loving nature. Within seconds, he lies on his back, wanting his belly to be rubbed. One cannot imagine a better character for a Siberian Husky. Although he is only distantly related to the puppies of our I-litter (Sansa's mother is his niece), he helped with their upbringing by regurgitating his food for the little ones, which further demonstrates his social behavior.

He possesses outstanding leadership qualities and remains composed in all situations - neither tractors passing right next to him, motorcycles, other barking dogs, nor crowds of people unsettle him. He educates small puppies with a lot of patience and prefers to avoid them rather than scolding them harshly.

Due to his composure and charisma, he is less compatible with other dominant males, which is why he now lives with a spayed female in Munich.

Flash has a beautiful, flowing gait and great leg length, as well as ideal length and height proportions. He correctly carries his tail as a trailing tail or in a slight sickle shape.

He is a versatile dog who enjoys learning new tricks and shows a lot of will to please. He also masters small agility obstacles such as tunnels or jumps with flying colors. He runs happily alongside a bike or a training cart, but not at full power. He prefers trotting short distances of about 10km.

He is reliable on a scooter; he would never swerve and reliably obeys commands, allowing him to run in any position in a team at the training cart.

His hunting instinct is mildly pronounced and easy to handle, making him a pleasant companion.

He loves food and would never leave it, even if female dogs are in heat.

Flash is an ideal companion for hikes, short bike rides, or trick dog training.

We have stored frozen semen from Flash with good quality, inquiries can be made via the contact form or through Facebook/WhatsApp.

The development of Flash


Flash, 10 Wochen alt 


Flash, 11 Monate alt 


Flash, 4,5 Monate alt 


Flash, knapp 2 Jahre alt 

The parents of Flash

Desert Eagle.jpg
Jennas mama.jpg


Dorati Siberians Desert Eagle


Russian Champion

Grand Russion Champion

Champion Of National Breed Club




eyes clear

Country of origin: Russia

Breeder: Lyubov Khoffmanns


Indigo's Inglish Muffin


Eurasia Champion 

Russian Champion

Grand Russian Champion

Champion of RKF

Champion Of National Breed Club Club Winner




eyes clear

Country of origin: USA

Breeder:: Dr. David K. Qualls

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