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Northkenda Snow Storm


Basic information

D.o.B.: *04.02.2016

Height 54 cm

Weight: 23,0 kg 

Colour of coat: grey & white

Colour of eyes: brown

breeding license (DCNH)

Breeding license until 8yo

teeth: scissor bite, missing P1 down left & right

Show titles

Candidate for German Champion

other titles


health checks

Hips: HD- A2

Ellbows -

Eyes: clear (One teardrop is missing)

Gonioscopy: clear


DNA Analysis

XL-PRA1 negative

DM frei negative 

GM1 negative 


SPS1 -

Brave .jpg

Brave is a beautiful, strong-boned female and the younger full sister to our Arwen. She regularly accompanies her son Milo and her owners Melanie and Christian on demanding mountain tours with steep, rocky mountain walls. This speaks highly of her fearlessness, courage, endurance, and exceptional balance and cooperation skills because both humans and animals must be careful where they step when ascending steep rock walls.

She can even walk without a leash and loves long, extensive walks. When Brave was with us, she regularly ran alongside the bicycle, which she enjoyed very much. One could especially feel her strength and pulling power.

Brave is incredibly easy to feed and requires very little energy (she consumes about 350g/day on a raw food diet), making her an ideal sled dog in her original work. In today's modern world, when the dogs are not regularly harnessed, one must be cautious about them getting overweight under these conditions. Brave is disinterested in other dogs and can be dominant in the pack with other females. She exhibits exceptionally good impulse control and frustration tolerance but possesses the breed-typical hunting instinct.

The silhouette of this silver-colored lady is almost ideal, with only a slightly longer rib cage being desirable to perfectly match her proportions. Well-angled front legs with a pronounced forechest and a straight topline transition into beautifully long legs. The dense coat may give the impression of a slightly deep chest, but it ends exactly at the elbow (olecranon). Brave has a moderate croup with an ideal slope, allowing her to develop good reach and drive. Like her sister Arwen, her son Milo, and her grandchildren Arès and Joy, niece Jules with her children Sisu and Ragnar, Brave also has those beautiful, glowing brown eyes with golden speckles.

Overall, Brave is a very attentive and thoughtful, sometimes cautious, female who goes everywhere with her owners and places a lot of trust in them. Similar to Arwen, Brave was acquired solely based on her pedigree and was poorly socialized. She came to us much overweight, with well over 30 kg (her normal weight is 21-22 kg!!). The breeder allegedly sold her because it was difficult to find a suitable mate for her and she didn't know what else to do with her... Since I already knew Arwen and how amazing she was in all aspects, I bought Brave, who is a younger full sister to Arwen, from the distant Belarus. Brave received everything she needed with us and developed splendidly. She now lives with her son Milo in a large secluded house with a huge garden near Berchtesgaden, close to the mountains.

The development of Brave

Brave 11 weeks old


Brave 2 years old


Brave about 1,5 years old


Brave 4 years old

The parents of Brave



Dynasty's Ice Cube



Chile Champion



eyes clear

Country of origin: China

Breeder: Ron Tang



Attraction Lady Hydrargium


Chile Champion

Young Chile Champion



eyes clear

Country of origin: Slovenia

Breeder Maja Golob

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