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Basic information

D.o.B.: *12.02.2013

D.o.D.: + 12.11.2021 

Height/Stockmaß: 53 cm

Gewicht: 20,7 kg

Colour of coat/Fellfarbe: schwarz-weiß

Colour of eyes/Augenfarbe: braun-braun

breeding license (DCNH)

Another DNA profile available

Breeding license until 8 yo

Teeth: Scissor bite, P1 down right is missing

Show titles

RKF Champion

Austrian Champion

other titles


health checks

Hips: HD- A2 (Excellent)

Ellbows: ED-0/0

Eyes: clear (o.B.)

Gonioscopy: - 


DNA Analysis

over daughter Jules 

XL-PRA1 negative

DM negative

GM1 negative


SPS1 -

arwen jules.jpg

Arwen was the most innocent, loyal soul I have ever known. She came to us in Bavaria as my third Siberian Husky after Kasya and Jenna, all the way from distant Sakhalin.

Back then, I actually wanted to buy another female dog, but as fate would have it, that dog was returned to the breeder when he found out, and Arwen was offered to me instead. I bought her without knowing what I was getting, both in terms of breeding and as a dog owner and buyer, relying only on a few old pictures.

I still remember it as if it were yesterday - on December 24, 2017, at 11:30 p.m., we picked her up from the airport in Munich. The people at the airport asked me how old she was because she was so well-behaved for a young puppy. I was surprised by this statement because, after all, I had bought a nearly 5-year-old female. When we arrived home and took her out of the box for the first time, I knew why. She was emaciated to the bone, a small, unkempt little dog with long claws and thick fur between her paws, and we found old wounds on her body, and two old stitches on her head. I felt deceived, and this little bundle of misery, exhausted at home, sleeping in the big dog bed, made me so incredibly sad... From a research perspective, I used to think that dogs couldn't be grateful, but Arwen was. She flourished in the next few years with us and was hardly recognizable. The happiest, most open, well-behaved, and lovable dog ever. I will never forget her warm gaze; those amber-colored eyes with specks of gold looked directly into the soul and often touched my heart to tears. She passed on those eyes to her children and grandchildren, and I will forever be grateful for what she has done for me and my breeding programm.

She taught me so much, from showing to good walks, and even important breeding-related topics like mating behavior and more.

When I had nursed her back to health, and she also accompanied me to her first shows, I was speechless at how much effort she put in for me. And she showed me that she wanted to have puppies and was a great foster mother to our A-litter from Jenna.

And when our B-litter arrived with two beautiful puppies, her only and last litter with me, she showed me how fulfilled she was (Arwen and her daughter Jules in the left picture). This would be her last litter; she had a previous litter with the previous owners, where horrifying pictures were published of tiny, starving puppies. But how could she take care of puppies properly in the condition she was in when she came to us... I wanted her never to be exploited again, like she was with the 4+ previous owners she had in her short life, just because of her lineage. There are few pictures of Arwen because she was constantly passed around. Below you will find a selection; the first two were taken with her breeder in Chile. Arwen eventually died from liver and organ failure due to the poor care and feeding she had endured throughout her life. Rest in peace, my beloved Arwen, we will never forget you.

Die Entwicklung von Arwen


Arwen ca 12 weeks old


Arwen ca 5 months old


Arwen ca 3 years old


Arwen ca 3 years old

Ther parents of Arwen



Dynasty's Ice Cube


Chile Champion



eyes clear

Country of origin: China

Breeder: Ron Tang



Attraction Lady Hydrargium



Chile Champion

Young Chile Champion



eyes clear

Country of origin: Slovenia

Breeder: Maja Golob

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