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basic information

D.o.B.: *26.06.2021

Height: 52,5cm 

Weight: 18,5 kg 

Colour of coat: dark grey & white

Colour of eyes: brown

breeding license (DCNH)

Breeding license for one Litter due to missing P1

Teeth: scissor bite, P1s are missing

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other titles

SIsu runs in lead and swing in our team

Health checks

Hips: HD- A1

Ellbows: -

Eyes: clear (one inner eyelash)

Gonioscopy: clear


DNA Analysis

XL-PRA1 negative

DM negative

GM1 negative

SHPN1 in progress

SPS1 in progress

Sisu was born in our G-litter and, along with her brother Ragnar, joins our pack and sled dog team. She comes from our second generation of Royalsans Siberian Huskies. Her mother, Jules, was also born with us and is from the B-litter. We decided to keep Sisu, for which we are very grateful, as she has developed beautifully and is a wonderful addition to our pack.

Sisu is an elegant, long-legged female with a stunning face. Her slanted, curved eyes, closely set, slightly curved ears, deep black pigment, and head proportions come close to our ideal vision of a Siberian Husky.

She has a moderately long, uniform, and homogeneous coat with clearly differentiated guard hairs and dense undercoat. A good forechest, ideally angled front, and well-formed rib cage create the perfect conditions for an enduring sled dog, which is one of her strengths. Well-closed and knuckled paws, as well as a correctly carried sickle-shaped tail, contribute to her overall conformation.

In terms of character, she is very responsive. She only needs small signals for everyday communication and promptly follows them, which I highly appreciate in her. This makes working with her much easier and more effective. Due to her sensitivity, she prefers to keep people who are assertive or inexperienced with dogs at a slight distance.

She exhibits a moderate level of communication, enjoys howling with the pack but does not whine unnecessarily. In the pack, she positions herself in the middle and tries to stay out of any conflicts as much as possible. She is a good eater, even during her heat cycle, and never skips a meal, which is crucial for a sled dog and a blessing for all dog owners (nothing is worse than a dog refusing to eat when presented with a full bowl...).

Sisu has the strongest hunting instinct among the dogs in our pack. She reacts to fast movements but is well-controllable and correctable. Overall, she shows a strong will to please and a desire to run, with less of the typical Husky stubbornness compared to other representatives of the breed. She also possesses a very high frustration tolerance and impulse control.

These traits run in her family. For example, her brother Gunnar (whose adventures can be found under worldofgunnar on Instagram) passed the companion dog test before he turned two years old. Another one of her brothers can run off-leash, and Freebiking poses no problem for him.

The development of Sisu

Elodie etwa 3 Monate alt

Elodie ca. 4 Monate alt

Elodie etwa 7 Monate alt

Elodie etwa 1,5 Jahre alt

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