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Royalsans Invisible touch

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basic Information

D.o.B.: *16.11.2022

Height: will be about 53cm

Weight: Will be about 20kg

Colour of coat: black & white

Colour of eyes: brown

breeding license (DCNH)

too young

Teeth: Scissor bite with full set of teeth

Show Titles

none until now

Other titles

none until now

Health checks

Hips: too young

Ellbows: too young

Eyes: too young

Gonioscopy: too young



DNA Analysis

clear by parentage

XL-PRA1 negative

GM1 negative

DM negative

SHPN1 in progress

SPS1 in progress


Joy is an extremely cute, playful, and cuddly Siberian Husky female and the full sister to Arès, which means she is also a daughter of Sansa and Milo (who, in turn, are the offspring of our Jenna & Brave).

Joy delights us every day with her affectionate nature; she is always happiest when in contact with us or when we return home from work. Her greetings are often loud and warm because she is so excited to see us. Keeping Joy was not originally planned, but sometimes fate decides who stays with us, and we are now even more delighted to have her with us. She is a very loyal and warm-hearted soul.

In the house, she is completely uncomplicated and spends most of her time deeply relaxed, snoozing away.

I am looking forward to taking her to seminars.

In addition to her fondness for water and food, she also shares the remarkable balance and proprioceptive abilities with her brother.

Compared to him, Joy has a much denser, darker, and slightly shorter coat, and she also behaves differently – she is more delicate, sensitive, and highly responsive to body language, which makes her very pleasant to handle. She maintains strong eye contact and possesses an immense will to please, which is a trait known in the lineage of Sansa and Jenna. She has a beautiful face with lovely, almond-shaped, intensely light-brown speckled eyes and a uniform mask. Her tail carriage is also very correct.

Her body structure already indicates where she is heading – she displays good reach and drive and, just like her grandmother Jenna, always stands perfectly, indicating a balanced anatomy.

It's worth mentioning the well-balanced angulation and well-laid-back upper arm that lies at the lowest point of the chest with a well-projected manubrium sterni (breastbone). During the puppy test at 8 weeks, her stable joints were particularly noticeable, which is one of the reasons we chose her.

We are very excited about the further development of this young lady, who has a heart of gold.

The development of Joy


Joy 6 weeks old


Joy 11 weeks old

Joy 14 weeks old

The parents of Joy

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Royalsans 1_edited.jpg



Empire of the Night


Austrian Junior Champion




eyes clear

Gonioscopy clear

embark DNA clear

Country of origin: Germany

Breeder: Lea Sandweger



Royalsans Dedicated to Indigo


Bosnia Champion

Montenegro Champion

Albania Champion

Adria Champion

Balkan Champion




eyes cleargonioscopy clear

embark DNA clear

Country of origin: Germany

Breeder: Lea Sandweger 

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